Friday, February 12th, 2016

Decanter Care


Your decanter collection will need a little care to keep it in museum quality shape.

Since most collectible decanters are made of porcelain, china or glass, they won't bounce if you drop them. Other than that they will last for thousands of years.

From time to time dusting and an occasional washing with warm soapy (non-abrasive) water is advisable.

Decanters with fired-in color, which includes almost all modern (1955 to present) pieces, will not fade or lose their original color, no matter how many times you scrub them.

The foil or paper label decanters and decanters with unfired or cold paint decorations are a different story. Be careful when cleaning manufactures labels, since replacements are often hard to find. If your not certain, carefully test on small area before continuing.

Cold paint is not used much except in dull gold and silver decorating. All liquor decanters have a stopper one sort or another.

Many are china or porcelain attached to a cork, while others are simple screw caps. Decanters with cork type stoppers should have their corks "greased" with petroleum jelly. This keeps the cork from drying out. It also keeps the cork from breaking when guests try to twist them to see what's inside.
Information provided by A Guide to Decanter Collecting - Published by Ski Country LTD.-1991

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    4 Responses to “Decanter Care”
    1. tony says:

      I have a wga 1899 golf canister 1971 westernopen full with seal and wraped in original plastic protector . is it of any value?

    2. jbaddict says:

      Hello Tony, I am afraid I do not know, there have been ones sold for around $18. I suggest you take it to an auction house and ask their advice or alternatively you could try the who run a decanter forum

    3. I have 5Jim Beane Police Car Whiskey Decantors in excellant condition with the offical seals unbroken. ( 750 ml bonded whiskey in each decanter) I have had them since the 1970’s}

      1, Beam’s 1929 Model “A” Phaeton Police Car
      2, Beam’s 1931 Model A Ford “Paddy Wagon”
      3. Beam’s Police Patrol Car
      4. Beam’s Ford v-8 Police Tow Truck
      5. Beam’s State Trooper Car

      If possoble, can someone give me an estimate of “value” on them!

      I also have a “Professional Football “Hall of Fame” Decantor (very old with 750 ml 175 months old whickey, seal unbroken in excellant conition).

      I hope someone can help me out. I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer and collected these during my active time.

      Thank you.
      Kenneth Belangia

    4. jbaddict says:

      Hello Kenneth, I am afraid I do not know, I suggest you take them to a collectibles auction house or reputable dealer and ask their advice or alternatively you could try the who run a decanter forum

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